At comtrade energy we are able to join the best producers of Natural Gas and Electric Power, through our strategic partners, we are always strengthening, to offer you the best service.

Better safe than sorry!

Leave your import and export projects in our hands.

We tell you how to expand your business.


Sleep well, we'll take care of it.
We have extensive experience in IMMEX, and highly qualified personnel to advise the Automotive, Metallurgical, Steel, Textile and Footwear industry.

comtrade holding


  • It was born from the vision and passion of our Founding Partner and CEO of the company, to develop businesses that help entrepreneurs and microentrepreneurs, become more competitive in the market, and generate positive changes to the country


  • Develop new businesses, always surrounded by the best strategic partners, to offer the most innovative and highest quality solutions in the market
  • We seek to do business with a great sense of social responsibility, generating a positive impact in the country.


  • We provide constant training to all our partners in each of our divisions, to maintain a continuous improvement in our services, and to sensitize them to participate, and to propose social actions that improve the quality of life of people.
  • We always seek to keep up to date with IT tools, looking for continuous innovation in the development of programs and applications that efficiently provide our services.


  • To be an integral company and always with a sense of social responsibility, that offers in each one of its divisions, the best solutions with the best quality, offering a great service and acting in congruence with the values that identify our company.


  • INTERNAL:Make our company an excellent place to work, looking for innovation and continuous improvement in our processes and in the constant training of our partners, so that each employee can develop personally and professionally.
  • EXTERNAL:Make with each client and business partner, a strategic alliance allowing a joint growth through a relationship based on loyalty, trust, honesty and respect.
  • SOCIAL:Transmit to our internal and external clients, as well as our community; The value of service to others. Through sustainable development activities and encouraging them to participate in them.


Constant Innovation.

Honesty and Loyalty.

Passion in our work.


Social Responsibility

Comtrade is committed on helping people in need, works in junction with different non-governmental organisms, and private initiative, allocating part of the utilities and time on different projects such as:

Community help

Through our experience on world logistics, we help and manage the product delivery in order for people who lives in communities with very few access to improve their quality life. To know more click here.

Education and Health

Now a days our Company sponsors children through World Vision Foundation, we are providing this kids with better quality life through education and by improving their health. To know more click here.

Foundations Volunteers

We participate and help as volunteers in many different charity founds and also in social activities that benefits institutions. To know more click here.

Sport for a Cause

Comtrade is committed on actions to encourage Sports, especially sports with cause. To know more click here.

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